barefoot country store

Barefoot Country Store

A Local, Nostalgic Shopping Experience.

Who We Are

Kira and Mike

Shifflett Family

Kira and Mike Shifflett live with their three children on Barefoot Farm in Keene, Va where they raise cattle and pigs for retail and restaurant use at Barefoot Country Store. Kira left a career as a registered nurse to spend more time with her children and build a business in the local community that could be interwoven with the family’s farming goals. Together with Mike’s skills as a carpenter and electrician, Barefoot Country Store was transformed from a historic residence to a quaint and useful commercial space while maintaining its original charm.


Karen Fiedler

The Barefoot Country Store Kitchen is run by Chef Karen Fiedler and her small crew of line cooks. Karen hails from Newark, Delaware, and grew up learning to bake and cook from her mother, Theresa. She graduated with a degree in Hotel, Restaurant, & Institutional Management from the University of Delaware. She learned how to sling burgers at Trolley Tap House in Delaware, charcuterie and preserving from the Fair Hill Inn in Maryland, and everything else as Chef at Tin Whistle Irish Pub. In her free time, she enjoys eating delicious food and hanging out with her husband Craig, 2 dogs, and a plethora of nieces and nephews.



Rebecca loves reading, writing and BAKING! Monkey bread and moose farts are two of her specialties, she loves finding new recipes and making them her own! She is a proud mother of three beautiful girls and strongly believes in the quote “life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breaths away.”



Cait works primarily in the kitchen but loves getting to meet the people that come into the store and forming relationships with the locals by serving food. She is a professional musician and singer! You can catch her playing gigs around Scottsville! Her favorite thing to do at the store is help fill up the bakery case with artistic and delicious treats!



Olivia is the newest member of Barefoot Country Store and works mainly front of house. She has been working in restaurants since she was old enough to work, and in her spare time enjoys baking and decorating cakes, playing with her kids and spending time with family and friends.



Sarah works part time at Barefoot as a cashier and food runner. She loves trying new and different foods whenever possible, and enjoys meeting customers and assisting them in finding local and delicious items they will love. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her 3 children and her husband, who is also a chef in Charlottesville.

Barefoot Country Store History

Owner, Kira Shifflett, was born and raised on a commercial organic vegetable and beef farm in West Virginia and taught the importance of supporting local and sustainable agriculture by her father and mother who were on the forefront of creating governmental standards for Organic Certification and passionate about growing healthy, nutritious food on a small scale and raising animals in a humane and natural way. Kira and her husband Mike have continued to be stewards of the land on which they farm and raise their children.

Karen came to Barefoot Country Store with a passion for locally grown natural food, a desire to reduce food waste and wonderful creativity with ways to integrate as many parts of a food as possible into her cooking so that waste is at a bare minimum. This includes using select veggie scraps for making vegetable stock, using whole chickens for chicken salad and then simmering the bones to make chicken stock, using carrot tops for pesto, and much more!

Between Karen’s innovative ideas in the kitchen and culinary skills which integrate seasonal produce and large cuts of locally raised meat, and Kira’s connections in the farming world and knowledge about growing practices and farming standards, Barefoot Country Store’s kitchen is brimming with delicious produce, meats and other products primarily from farms within a 50 mile radius of Scottsville! Now that’s local!

Moore House History

We watched The Moore House (now home to Barefoot Country Store) change hands many times over the years, but always saw something special in it.

The Moore House was built in 1908 for Miss Hannah Moore, a Scottsville socialite, who ran it as a boarding house, and assisted in founding the first free public school in Albemarle County, which opened in Scottsville in 1871. Miss Moore housed many Scottsville celebrities in her boarding house, including Miss Willie Jean Hickock, cousin to "Wild Bill" Hickock of Kansas, and Mayor Raymon Thacker when he first moved to Scottsville with his family as an infant. Miss Moore was a wonderful hostess, hub to Scottsville gossip, and land owner of the "Scottsville skating rink" which was an area of her property near The Moore House that would flood and freeze solid in the winter and provide hours of community fun.

Miss Moore sold her home to Mr. Hamner in the 1920's for a can of gold coins that he earned working on the railroad in Scottsville. He moved in with his wife and family. Mr. Hamner's grandson currently resides in Scottsville and tells stories of the monkeys and macaws his grandfather had, and how he was an avid mail orderer.

We purchased the Moore House in 2016 and lovingly remodeled it, bringing out its most beautiful features while gently changing it into a commercial space. This is The Moore House's first debut as a retail location, and what better way to pay homage to its history than take customers back when life was simpler, coke came in glass bottles, and penny candy was really just a penny... for a handful.

Scottsville History

Scottsville is a little town with a big story! During the 1700's Scottsville was the westernmost point of business and organized government in Virginia, and a main shipping point for areas west via the James River, through the late 1800's. During this time, Scottsville's population was nearly double what it is today! When the canal works was broken by Union soldiers, and the train was put into place, Scottsville gradually got sleepier and sleepier.

Then the floods came. Since 1870, Scottsville has been underwater 21 times, up until the construction of the levee in 1985, spearheaded by Mayor Raymon Thacker.

Scottsville is now a wonderful place to visit, live and work! There are many things to do including tubing, canoeing or kayaking on the James, fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, wine tasting at local vineyards, horseback riding, visiting the Scottsville farmers market, and shopping and dining at the eclectic blend of local businesses.