barefoot country store

Barefoot Country Store

A Local, Nostalgic Shopping Experience.

Who We Are

Barefoot Country Store is founded on an appreciation of the history of Scottsville and the United States, a love for this little town and our big country, a desire to support local artisans and growers, an attempt to keep jobs in the United States by buying American Made whenever possible, and a wish to keep good ol' fashioned America alive in our hearts and the hearts of our children and grandchildren.

The Moore House was built in 1908 for Miss Hannah Moore, a Scottsville socialite, who ran it as a boarding house, and assisted in founding the first free public school in Albemarle County, which opened in Scottsville in 1871. Miss Moore housed many Scottsville celebrities in her boarding house, including Miss Willie Jean Hickock, cousin to "Wild Bill" Hickock of Kansas, and Mayor Raymon Thacker when he first moved to Scottsville with his family as an infant. Miss Moore was a wonderful hostess, hub to Scottsville gossip, and land owner of the "Scottsville skating rink" which was an area of her property near The Moore House that would flood and freeze solid in the winter and provide hours of community fun.

Miss Moore sold her home to Mr. Hamner in the 1920's for a can of gold coins, he earned working on the railroad in Scottsville. He moved in with his wife and family. Mr. Hamner's grandson is a current resident of Scottsville and tells stories of his grandfather and his monkeys and macaws. You heard right! It seems that Mr. Hamner was an avid mail orderer, and had quite the collection of mischievous monkeys and macaws! Ask us about these stories when you stop by to visit!

The Moore House has changed hands several times since its monkey days, and now it is ours! We have lovingly remodeled it, bringing out it's most beautiful features while gently changing it into a commercial space. This is The Moore House's first debut as a retail location, and what better first than to take it back in history to a time when life was simpler, coke came in glass bottles, and penny candy was really just a penny... for a handful.

We hope you enjoy Barefoot Country Store as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to life!